Having survived the 2012 year of the Black Water Dragon, a year of transition and change and the End of the Mayan Calendar with the beginning of the Golden Era 21.12.12, surely we can safely slither through 2013?!

As unpromising as the year of the Black Water Snake may sound, it can in fact bring many great realizations and accomplishments. So, instead of ‘fearing’ the snake, be prepared to rather embrace the shift in energy and a pretty exciting 2013! After all, Snakes are about rebirth, mysticism and wisdom, gliding their way through life!

The Snake is the sixth animal out of twelve animal signs in the zodiac cycle and water is one of the five elements in the lunar cycle. It takes five cycles of twelve years to complete a full cycle of the Chinese lunar calendar, meaning the last time we had Water and Snake combination was sixty years ago in 1953.

Since each of the animal signs also have its fixed element, which is Fire for the Snake, we are combining Water and Fire, characterising the unity of yin and yang, perhaps not only bringing interesting meteorological conditions, but also optimism, determination and a sense of adventure.

2013 is a Yin year (odd number), which means it corresponds to the dark, passive, earthy, feminine and moon energy as well as the colour black of the Water element. These cooling tendencies help balance the Snake’s Fire, enhancing creativity, intuition and generosity. Water brings fluidity, so, it’s best to go with the flow rather than swimming against it. Use snaky flexibility to manage any unexpected situations!

This year is about planning! It doesn’t have to be big plans but plan ahead to avoid disappointment!

Snake years can be calm, quiet and introspective, favouring inner-growth, self-reflection and compassion. However, it is also a very social year, an opportunity for friendships to grow deeper and stronger.

The black water yin Snake year is a year to go for it, to take on more responsibility, study, research or to start something new! Not just that, Snakes are sensual animals, so romance may be on the agenda as well!

Famous Snake personalities: Greta Garbo, Ghandi, Picasso.

Corresponding Western sign: Taurus

Whatever the year may bring, I wish you abundance, balance, health, joy and happiness!

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