Restores Health

Acupuncture has stood the test of time promoting and restoring health throughout East Asia and now worldwide.

Profound Clinical History

Acupuncture is probably the most clinically tried and tested system of medicine available, with a written, clinical history of more than 2500 years.

Natural Healing

Acupuncture points have physiological effects on body and mind inducing a natural healing response.


Holism is at the core of acupuncture, tailoring treatment according to the nature of the person, rather than treating isolated symptoms or illnesses.

Effective and widely used

Acupuncture effectiveness is acknowledged by the World Health Organisation and recommended for a large number of conditions.

Recommended by NICE

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommended in 2009 that acupuncture should be made available on the NHS for the management of back pain.

Works in conjunction with biomedicine

Acupuncture is often used alongside conventional medicine and is helpful in treating unresolved problems that have not responded to previous treatments.


The British Medical Journal concluded in 2001 that the risk of serious adverse reactions to acupuncture is less than 1 in 10,000.

Be well and stay well