Kumi Healing

Kumi Healing is Lagos’ newest specialist clinic for acupuncture and moxibustion, created by UK trained acupuncturist Milena Fernandes BSc (Hons) to help you get well and stay well the natural way.

The name Kumi (pronounced Ku-mi) is both, of Japanese and Persian origin and means eternal beauty and perfect health respectively. The word Kumi was chosen for its clear sound, its meanings and the syllable mi, the first two letters of Milena.

The Philosophy at Kumi Healing is to create a tranquil space and nurture a therapeutic relationship between the patient and practitioner to facilitate healing. Tranquillity means an-ning in Chinese and further translates as free from worry, good health and wellbeing.

Chinese medicine is considered an art but also science that embodies a subtle blend of sensitivity, understanding and intuition. At Kumi Healing the tradition of a 2000 year history is combined and integrated with the modern changes in medicine to preserve and improve health through transformation and change of conditions, while developing awareness of environmental and lifestyle factors. Whether it is your body or your soul that needs a helping hand – look no further.

“The world does not need more successful people. The world desperately needs more peacemakers and healers, restorers and storytellers and lovers of all kinds”


Dalai Lama



Thank you for all your help and advice this year, you have really helped me to think and learn more about myself. I am looking forward to more in 2016.

Laura, Bexleyheath

Thank you for your wonderful treatments – & your kindness. I predict a very successful career for you with your expertise & empathetic nature.

Raymond, Drama Teacher, London

Milena gave me acupuncture for low back pain and associated low kidney energy during a recent cold winter snap, and whilst I was quite stressed and exhausted preparing for a trip to India. Her manner was very professional as she took a comprehensive case history, and I felt very at ease and able to speak freely to her. Her treatment was gentle but very effective, and in my experience of acupuncture she seemed to make very efficient use of the needles. Just the one treatment with her gave me the energy and relief from back pain that I needed to get me to India! I very much look forward to receiving more acupuncture from Milena on my return to the UK.

Alice Hampton, Naturopath, London

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